NRL Tips | Round 19


BNE2.2: The Gemba Report

Previously, in our series on Brisbane expansion: BNE2 or On Expansion and its relationship with Brisbane BNE2.1: The game done changed ***** The short version

2021 NRL WIP Report

We’re just a bit over half way into the 2021 NRL season and it’s time to review how each team and player are performing. We’ll

Minor League Tips | 23-25 July


Primer – SCWP

People familiar with my philosophy will know that I put less stock in wins than most people. The binary nature – you either take everything

Primer – WCL

WCL is a means of estimating the probability of a team winning a rugby league match at a given point in the game. The WCL

Primer – Rismans

A big thank you to Lorna Brown (@_Lorna_Brown) who provided me with the dataset and whose ongoing updates to the same mean that we should

Primer – TPR

For the third season in a row, I’m changing the player rating system. We mourn the passing of Statscore (not really) and PPG (again, not

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