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NRL ELO Ratings Update – Round 6, 2017

As in round 5, the winners went up and the losers went down in all systems. The Raiders, Dragons, Sharks and the Storm are the highest rated teams, by varying leads and in different orders depending on the system.

Amongst the biggest, less obvious losers are the Cowboys (now down 57 points in Euclid since season start) and the Eels (down 44). The Knights seem to be unreverting the reversion-to-mean discount and the Titans are more or less in freefall (down 121 points on Archimedes).

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NRL ELO Ratings Update – Round 5, 2017

Part of the regular posting will include weekly updates on the ELO model ratings coming out of Euclid (best predictor), Archimedes (short term form) and Eratosthenes (long term class). If you want Thales or Hipparchus, you only have to ask. Unlike the Projections, I’m not sure I’ll bother going back to do rounds 1-4.

Here they are after Round 5:


Without exception, the winners went up and the losers went down. Souths and the Goldie have slipped from average at season’s start to well below now while City, Melbourne and SGI are well on their way to establishing dominant ratings this season with good gains since round 1.

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