NRL Tips – Round 1, 2017

Note: this was published on April 5 but backdated to the day it should have been posted. It will be plainly obvious that I did not change the tips to make me look better.


Based on last year alone, here’s how the respective systems went:

  • Euclid – 69.7%
  • Archimedes – 63.7%
  • Eratosthenes – 49.8%


brisbane-sm Brisbane @ cronulla-sm Cronulla

melbourne-sm Melbourne @ canterbury-sm Canterbury

wests tigers-sm Wests Tigers @ souths-sm South Sydney

penrith-sm Penrith @ st george illawarra-sm St George Illawarra

canberra-sm Canberra @ north qld-sm North Queensland

sydney city-sm Sydney @ gold coast titans-sm Gold Coast

newcastle-sm Newcastle @ warriors-sm New Zealand

parramatta-sm Parramatta @ manly-sm Manly


rd1-2017 round tips