Club Report – Cronulla Sharks


Cronulla won a premiership. You might have heard about it. It was last year. It was also their first since joining the NSWRL premiership in 1967.

The Sharks are also the only team stupid enough to recently get caught in a doping scandal. In the NRL, you’d basically have to leave a box of used syringes with a note saying what was in them on the front doorstep of NRL House and I’m still not sure the authorities would put two and two together. To get pinged for peptide use while not even being good enough to make the finals in 2013 and 2014 is a level of dumbassery unsurpassed in the sport of rugby league.

That aside, prior to those incidents, Cronulla were a journeyman’s team. They were never terrible (only three wooden spoons to their name, two from the early days and one in 2014) but never great (refer lack of premierships, 1967-2015). The Sharks were the home of some top class individuals, including Andrew Ettinghausen, Steve Rogers, Brett Kimmorley and David Peachey. Their current line-up features stars, including Valentine Holmes, and also features some guys that have contributed to multiple Origin losses, like Paul Gallen, James Maloney and Andrew Fifita.


Using the Eratosthenes system, we measure the long term class – their structural competence – of NRL clubs.

The Cronulla Sharks’ current rating is 1573, putting them third in the league behind Melbourne and Brisbane. The Sharks have had an average class rating of 1487 since 1998. Seven teams have had worse records: Canberra, Gold Coast, New Zealand, North Queensland, Penrith, Souths and Wests.

Over the last decade, the Sharks’ average rating was 1457. This is the second worst in the league with only Canberra performing slightly worse since 2007.


The Sharks peaked at a maximum rating of 1591 after round 12 earlier this year. This is the sixth lowest peak of any team. The Raiders, Titans, Panthers, Warriors and Tigers have all had lower peaks. Looking at just the last ten years, Cronulla’s peak puts them seventh in the league behind Brisbane, Manly, Melbourne, Souths, Easts and within spitting distance of North Queensland.

The Sharks’ lowest ever rating was 1382, after round 2, 2012. This is in the middle of the league pack. If we look at just the last decade, only the Rabbitohs, Knights and Eels have been worse.

NRL Honours

  • Premierships – 1 | 2016
  • Runners-up – 0
  • Minor Premierships – 1 | 1999
  • Finalist – 10 | 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
  • Wooden Spoons – 1 | 2014

Record (rd1/1998 – rd23/2017)

  • Games 502
  • Wins 242 (48.2%)
  • Draws 5
  • Points For 10,102
  • Points Against 10,433
  • Net F/A -328
  • Pythagorean expectation 48.5%


Using the Archimedes system, we measure the short term form of NRL clubs.

The Sharks have averaged a form rating of 1579 over the last 26 regular season rounds plus last year’s finals campaign. Their current rating is 1510.


The Sharks’ highest rating over the last twenty-six rounds was 1685 after their grand final victory over the Storm. The lowest rating in the set is 1461, after their round 1 loss to the Broncos this year.

Record (last 26 rounds)

  • Finished 2016 in 3rd
  • Currently 4th
  • Games 29
  • Wins 17 (58.6%)
  • Draws 0
  • Points For 521
  • Points Against 453
  • Net F/A +68
  • Pythagorean expectation 56.6%

Stocky Projection

We use the Stocky to predict what might happen in the season ahead. This is what the Stocky has predicted for Cronulla so far in the 2017 season.