NRL Recap – May/June 2019

Just to get it out there, here’s a couple of thoughts from the representative weekend:

  1. It’s shit watching both Queensland teams be terrible. I have enough terrible teams in my life (thanks Broncos and Souths Logan), I don’t need my rep teams joining the list without some upside of the game overall. For example, Australia losing to Tonga would be a pretty big deal and worth taking an L for. Queensland losing does nothing for the game but perhaps someone should consider taking a women’s game, you know in the two team series, north of the border, possibly even all the way to Townsville’s new stadium?
  2. Speaking of favoured teams and the greater cause of rugby league, the London Broncos are looking pretty sharp and might just pull themselves out of the relegation zone. There’s even an extremely unlikely scenario where they might pull themselves into finals contention, being only four points off fifth-placed Salford. Despite having 50 put on them by Hull, Catalans should hold on to a top five slot, mostly due to the pushing and shoving in the group behind. Leeds need to be concerned but are lucky Hull KR are there. They just need to not be last.
  3. Wolfpack keeps Wolfpacking, which is nice. Toulouse keep Toulousing, which is OK if it’s against Toronto.
  4. International footy is a Thing and it has potential. Shout out to the Kiwi Ferns game, which was a blowout but still entertaining enough with plenty of big hits. Second shout out to the PNG Kumuls, who put up a sterling defence of the quality of the Queensland Cup, playing against a NRL 1-17 in Samoa. I had some thoughts on Twitter, starting here:

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Reminders if you need them:

National Rugby League

nrl forecast rd14-2019

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nrl disappointment rd14-2019

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Min. 6 games played, delta rank compared to April’s leaderboard.

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Intrust Super Cup

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avg forecast wins qcup rd14-2019.PNG

qcup form change rd14-19

isc offence rd14-2019.PNG

isc defence rd14-2019.PNG

qcup fortune rd14-2019

qcup panic rd14-2019.PNG

qcup disappointment rd14-2019.PNG

ppg qcup june 2019.PNG

Min. 6 games played, delta rank compared to April’s leaderboard.

ppg club qcup rd14-19.PNG